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You get to know someone when you replace their kitchen while they're living and working at home.  You learn what they like, how resolved they are, and where they might be comfortable with compromise.  As long as all the options are presented, however, there is seldom any reason to. 

Overall, cabinet space was doubled, and a cabinet mounted microwave was installed below an added convection oven.  All the fixtures were laid out to be accessible by wheel chair.

Counter space was extended into the living area by two feet to make the bar more useable, and also allowed for an extra row of cabinets with lazy susans, greatly improving the overall utility while keeping the sunlight from both sides.

Electrical outlets are moved and added, and given ground fault protection.  The sink is relocated, as are the fridge and the partition wall.  Glass facing on the cabinets adds an open feel.

Undercabinet lighting, crown molding and a laminate floor are installed.

The base cabinets all are fitted with pull out bins for ease of access.


Kat's Kitchen

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