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Kris's Master Bathroom

Before A.JPG

(The first of 2.5 bathroom remodels)

This historic home is 120 years old when we are introduced.  A leak in the former shower pan had rotted out the floor, so we took it down to the joists.  The existing hexagonal tile floor is kept, and a claw foot tub from another bathroom is placed here.  The vanity and fixtures are replaced, and lighting is added.

Before B (2).JPG

We work with the client on design, material selection, and finding the right fixtures and vendors for the project.  Rendering the space is a crucial step in planning.  Changes happen!

The vanity top and shower surround shown below are made of matching quartz.  The shower interior is porcelain faux marble.  There is an invisible access panel to the shower handle and wand.

Cunningham Tub3.jpg
Completed Ba.JPG

The completed project.  Missing from this photo is the claw foot tub, which will be brought in once the guest bath remodel begins.

Completed A.JPG

Kris's Guest Bath

The claw foot bath tub is taken to the master bathroom, where it gets to lose the shower curtain

Before A (3).JPG

Subway tiled walls and natural light make full use of the nine foot ceilings.  Full glass shower surrounds keep the space open and airy

Finished (2).jpg

Kris's Half Bath

He's the odd little one who lives under the stairs, but he's family!

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